I can find plenty of inspiration for you to join or renew your membership with MLCA. You will, too.
It’s easy to join or renew online.

First and foremost, our local state chapter strengthens the network we are building amongst IBCLCs. Here are four other reasons.

Conferences, Free webinar, Lending Library, Springer Publications discount.
Since our start in 2016, we’ve presented seven events: Fall and a Spring conferences, a movie showing, a talk about repeal of the Affordable Care Act. That in addition to member meetings. Each time, we’ve responded to member’s requests for specific topics. Join MLCA and shape the next conference (November 2, 2019) with your ideas.

A timely presentation titled “Food Sensitivities in the Breastfed Baby: Optimizing Prevention and Treatment Through Maternal Diet” was the webinar at our January members meeting. Lindsey Hurd Reeves, (MS, RD, LDN, IBCLC, CD (DONA) offered thorough explanations of allergic reactions, clarified common confusions about GER and GERD and discussed the influence of a mother’s diet. The webinar was free and attendees earned 1. 5 CERPs.

An equally important resource is the MLCA lending library. When you’re studying to take (or retake) the IBLCE exam, you can borrow these new textbooks. If you’re writing a paper or following up on some discussion, find relevant research articles in Clinical Lactation or the Journal of Human Lactation. The MLCA lending library has the most current (and some older) issues of both publications.

We have books covering a range of topics. Here is a sample:
• “Breastfeeding Challenges Made Easy for Late Preterm Infants”    Sandra Cole
• “Breastfeeding Atlas”    Barbara Wilson-Clay and Kay Hoover
• “Supporting Sucking Skills in Breastfeeding Infants”    Catherine Watson Genna
• “Haiti Beyond Belief”   Frank J. Nice
• “Define Your Own Success: Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction”    Diana West.

But wait! There’s more. Do you need videos for your classes or a presentation? MLCA has four DVD’s for you to borrow.

Add another benefit for MLCA members: A discount with Springer Publications. Ask our librarian for the secret code.

This is all part of our work in advocating for the advancement of the profession and supporting the professional needs of the members. It’s easy to join or renew. Go online here, pay directly and set up your profile and password. We are happy to have you join us as we promote the work of IBCLCs in Massachusetts.