Your trusty cadre of MLCA volunteers is at it again. We’ve organized an excellent conference, the fifth in three years. We are busy and we are good!  Save the Date, Register now .  
“It’s Complicated” breastfeeding conference on Saturday, November 2, 2019 conference at Tufts Medical Center, 800 Washington St. Boston MA 8 a.m. -3:30 pm.

Each conference theme is in keeping with our mission statement:
• Build recognition • Advocate for and  • Support the professional needs of IBCLC.

Our first conference focused on the theme of “Preterm Babies: From Hospital to Home”. Fortification of breast milk was a topic that many lactation consultants wanted to discussion more in-depth.  How long, how much, what are the guidelines for fortification? Marianne Anderson, MD will be present that topic.

When you realize a mother is in an abusive situation (or has recently left one) how can you best support her?  More than just breastfeeding information, we need a fuller understanding of our role and our abilities to help survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. Rachel Blumberg, IBCLC will present this topic.

What are other factors that are influencing low milk supply?  Most likely,  you’ve been perplexed with questions about this. How come some women just don’t make much milk even though she’s gotten a good start with good support? Shannon Kelleher, PhD will describe her research into the influence of genetics on low milk supply, specifically investigating zinc.

Learn more about LGBQ/T families and how you can better support them. In your work as an IBCLC, you will meet several types of families. More than simply ‘accepting’, we can learn, respect, develop a deeper understanding and grow with others. Rachel Hess, MS will present this topic.

The conference is on Saturday November 2, 2019 at Tufts Medical Center. 800 Washington St. Boston MA across from the Tufts Medical Center T stop. There is also parking in the Tufts garage.
Register here for this excellent learning experience.  $130 includes lunch. There is a scholarship application for a reduced fee of $30.

MLCA members will be receiving an online survey soon. Please check your email and respond. We’ll discuss upcoming projects at the MLCA members meeting
Saturday June 1 from 11-12:30 at Melrose Wakefield hospital/Perkins auditorium.  Parking available in the hospital garage. There are also buses that run along Main St. in Melrose and stop at the hospital. (#137, 136).