June marks a time of graduations, recitals, weddings and other transitions. MLCA is marking a transition in our Board of Directors.

We’d like to thank Tricia Elbl, IBCLC for all she has contributed to MLCA since 2016. Because her family has an opportunity to move to Florida, Tricia has resigned as President of MLCA as of May 24.

Tricia Elbl was a founding member of MLCA. As President Elect, she co-ordinated with then President Mary Foley. When Mary’s term ended,Tricia took on the role of President until her resignation.

There is a lot of detail work behind the scenes to keep an organization running. From the start, Tricia volunteered her talents in several ways. She attended to many important tasks that made each of our conferences and events run smoothly. Tricia was instrumental in filing the necessary paperwork for MLCA to become a 501. C.3 non-profit organization. She also kept up with our legislative efforts and met with representatives in her district to educate them about the IBCLC credential.

In addition to donating her time to MLCA, she has been guiding her four children through school, preparing for their move and working as an IBCLC.

We sincerely thank Tricia for her skills, her patience and guidance as a MLCA board member for these years. We wish the Elbls the best of everything in their new Florida home.

The current Acting Presidents are Robin Snyder-Drummond and Kira Kim. Both are IBCLCs.