How many times have you, as an IBCLC or a parent, heard about tongue-tie? What do you feel has been most effective or helpful for you in learning about this? This was part of the discussion on a recent NPR show. On March 19,  On Point host Meghna Chakrabarti presented a discussion on the topic of tongue-tie.

This program was inspired by a recent article in The Atlantic and by Meghna Chakrabarti’s personal experience with her second child. The guests were Rachel Morgan Cautero, author of the Atlantic article, Jonathan Walsh, a pediatric ENT at John Hopkins and Robin Kaplan, IBCLC and owner of the San Diego Breastfeeding Center.

Many colleagues alerted me to this program so I was sure not to miss it. Robin Kaplan did an excellent job describing the IBCLC’s role in evaluating tongue tie. Did you hear the discussion? What did you think about it? Here are reviews from MLCA members who listened to the program.

Overall, I was pleased with the show, though I was hoping to hear more callers. I was very happy though to hear a brief mention on the impacts of birth on breastfeeding and the benefits on chiropractic care. I always look at the full picture and I am so happy to have the best resources for bodywork right here in my backyard.Kira Kim, IBCLC

I was relieved to hear that the issue of tongue tie was getting some time on air. I also was curious to hear how the presenters would inform the public of a matter I know of well, however only within my inner circles. Overall, I was pleased with the program. Robin Kaplan represented IBCLCs as informed, competent providers who do well at counseling the parent. I was a bit displeased to hear the bias from Meghna (Chakrabarti), journalist for On Point. It was quite apparent that she had unresolved feelings from her experience. Understandably, it is not an easy thing to separate personal experiences with reporting.” Rachel Simpson, IBCLC

Improving the comfort and sustainability of breastfeeding is important for many reasons. A thorough understanding of oral function and of lactation is essential. Equally important is how a difficult postpartum experience affects a family and the value of follow up care after a tongue tie procedure is done. This is good example of the need for access to IBCLC lactation support and the providers (doctors, dentists) with experience in providing tongue tie releases for infants. Let’s keep that discussion going, too.

March 19 On Point: