Checking the MLCA email, I see a question about Malungaay. This plant, also known as Moringa, is traditionally used in the Philippines and Southeast Asia for postpartum and breastfeeding nutrition. It’s eaten in soups and stir-fry. Here in the West, we can purchase it in capsule form.

What is the dose? Is Malungaay safe for women with thyroid issues? What do we know about Malungaay?

The deeper issue is: where do you get your information? There is always new research about lactation and breastfeeding. For any of us working with new babies and their families, it is necessary to filter out misinformation and ‘stay abreast’ of new research.

This is an important topic in this coming November conference.

What’s New In Lactation Research?

Saturday November 2, 2019  8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Tufts Medical Center, 800 Washington St. Boston,
Presented by Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC. She will discuss recent research about jaundice treatment, torticollis, mammary dysbiosis.

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To answer the questions about Malungaay, I shared studies from reliable resources. It was fortuitous that I had recently seen Lisa Marasco, MS, IBCLC give two relevant presentations about milk production and galactagogues. I also referred the person to Melissa Cole, IBCLC and certified herbalist. Anne Eglash, MD has reviewed studies about this on the Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine pod cast. In the course of this correspondence, I learned of another colleague, an IBCLC, who is also a certified herbalist.

There are many resources for getting solid information. Review and know the data and, just as importantly, know your reputable resources. Come to the conference on Saturday November 2, 2019 and learn some more.
See you there!