Fellow IBCLCs, what do you think? As our profession grows, as we see changes in health care and we see new families…. there are important questions to address. Your voice does matter.

• USLCA wants to hear from you. The USLCA annual Board meeting is asking for your suggestions, ideas and concerns for discussion. All members of USLCA will have received an email on Wednesday April 17th. There is a link to a form so you can submit your ideas. The board meeting is the weekend of May 17th at the annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona. You don’t have to attend the conference, though as a member, they do need to hear from you. Submit your ideas and suggestions:

• What do you want from USLCA?
• What do you feel is most important for our national professional organization to pursue?

MLCA is a chapter of the USLCA, though being a MLCA member does automatically make you a USLCA member.
You can write to us, your local group, with your thoughts on the Massachusetts chapter.

In addition to the USLCA meeting, ILCA, the international organization, is holding elections for their Board of Directors. Members will have received an email with the information about voting. You can review that. Maybe you even know some of the nominees!

As we all know well, elections matter and your opinion and your vote, unhindered and direct, is an important contribution to our growing profession. Check your email and send in your ideas, suggestions and vote.